What’s trending in hair?

As we are approaching into the longer days of fall that will soon become winter, it is time to switch up your sun-drenched locks in favor for a more seasonal appropriate hair color.  With the help of Lotus Salon in Marlton, NJ, we learned the newest trends that are turning heads and making a big impact in looks for the fall and winter.  This season is about adding dimension and amping up the vibrancy. Owner and director, Tara Bernardini is seeing many of Lotus Salon’s clients are asking for a softer ombre while others are searching for the perfect shade of honey, which can complement any skin tone.

trending ahead:

Splashlights- Never heard of them? Neither did we.  This new trend is replacing last years ombre look.  It’s about creating a light beam across the hair to make it look like a flash of light is in the hair at all times.  We recommend going to a highly skilled colorist with this request to ensure the look doesn’t get mistaken for a stripe.

Lowlights- Going darker for winter is a common practice by most women.  This season we are seeing brown highlights added to both blondes and red heads, which give a beautiful dimension to lighter hair colors.  For blondes, we recommend added neutral lowlights two shades darker than your hair.  For redheads, don’t be alarmed! Warm brown undertones make the rich red color look deeper.

Ash- Ashy hair has always had the stigma to wash one out.  Done correctly though, it can enhance your skin tone as well as make you look incredibly chic.  If you’re too nervous to change your golden undertones, try going to neutral first and then getting into the cooler tones.

Wispy bangs- Bangs, again, are in for fall. This year is about piecy rock and roll bangs that skim your eyes. They give you edge, hide a forehead and give you instant polish to any look. Maintenance is easier with these than other blunt bangs; however, like with any bangs, there will still be some regular maintenance required.


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